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SPIN Financial Literacy Course- A program in partnership with TBK Bank designed to provide students with modern tools to compete in our complicated world. Students will learn to balance budgets, plan for bills, and understand the importance of building credit in our society in this program. Spin Enterprises and TBK Band will provide youth and their families a 6 week course covering basic financial literacy to some advanced concepts like Loan and Credit Cards. Classes will be given after school at Jefferson High School Meeting Room B. We will feature 3 community business leaders to come and discuss with the class their struggles with managing money and starting a small business. Students who excel in this course and are interested will have the opportunity to help manage Threads Market Spin Enterprises Student Ran fundraising t-shirt printing business. This student ran small business in which all participants will engage and challenge students to manage and maintain a real profitable entity. The student will have the pleasure of engaging the various jobs needed for a successful business.

  • Students will learn to design the shirts using modern design tools like the Adobe Suite.
  • Manage Books, budgets, and cost of goods
  • Sales and marketing
  • Website and digital design
  • ALL products will be featured on Spin Enterprises

Sneak Peak at What We are UP to

1. The Basics of Budgeting

Students will learn to create and maintain a personal budget which is a basic money management skills that everyone should master. Using Modern tools like google templates keeping track for you finances have become much easier. When utilizing these modern tools students will learn where their money is actually going. As we all know, budgeting it is a difficult skill to master in this ever changing and fast paced world. A financial novice should begin with basic budgeting to understand where and how you money is used on a daily basis.

2. Importance of Saving

Having a saving plan and goals is extremely important in our current financial environment. Many people do realize how easy it is to have some simple accident that you will need to have something to fall back on will be key to their financial success. If a student learns the importance of saving at their age they will have a greater chance to sit back and enjoy life instead of living dollar to dollar. We will teach strudents to practice patience, diligence to master the savings skill set. We will also share successes of individuals in their communities have learned and used these practices to greater increase their quality of life.


Developing a good financial understanding starts with opening a bank account. We are super excited and thankful for our banking partner TBK Bank and their generous sponsorship. Many youngsters find themselves stuck in a cycle of cashing their pay check at check cashing companies that take a percentage of the value of the check. We will teach students to ask their employer to set up direct deposit to save the money they would loss by going to check cashing companies. Having a bank account provides a record of transactions showing where your money goes so you can keep an accurate track of your finances.

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Mission of the SPIN (Supporting People In Need) Foundation is to expand and enhance educational and career opportunities by empowering children and adolescents

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