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The R.I.S.E network was created to provide intervention services in the community specifically in response to gang, gun and senseless acts of violence. The R.I.S.E Network exists because the community has responsibility in the health of families, youth and the prevention of violent acts. The network is a collaborative effort between the Gang Reduction Initiatives of Denver, the Denver District 5 Police Department, and multiple community partners including Families Forward Resource Center, Struggle of Love Foundation, Families Against Violent Acts, and Denver Public Schools. As a collaborative network we are able to provide direct services to individuals, schools and organizations that can benefit from violence intervention programs.

There is a place for everyone around the table. According to the Comprehensive Gang Model, the following entitles have a direct impact in the health of the community: Law Enforcement, Community Outreach Organizations, Business Leaders, Schools, Health and Social Service Agencies, Employment Services,Courts/Probation/Parole, City/County Leadership, Faith-Based Organizations and Community Leaders. The network meets once a month to discuss gang dynamics and to find solutions for those needing assistance from the network. We also focus on Social Activism which consists of community events, anti-gang marketing campaigns, community mobilization against gang activity, and senseless acts of violence including gun violence and bullying.


One of the problems R.I.S.E network hopes to eliminate is duplication of services in the community. There is always someone coming up with a bright idea, and ideas are good, but not if someone else has already developed a solution and is executing the task in an efficient manner.

We don’t need fifty more nonprofits competing to provide services to the same target audience. Funds are scarce in the nonprofit world, and it’s difficult to find funding for much needed community support that may not be a “hot topic” for grantors. R.I.S.E. Network invites individuals to join establish entities that already have infrastructures that create

measurable outcomes. You can merge your program, or idea with a network partner or, you can operate independently within the network.

Our goal is to communicate efficiently with each other so we can utilize our strengths as a community to combat violence.


There are 3 steps the network follows to produce healthy outcomes:


Once R.I.S.E Network is contacted or there is a public incident in the

community we then implement a Call to Action. We want to assess the

situation, but how do we know is there is a problem if we are not

contacted. You are welcome to contact the network if:

You are dealing with OR you are an active gang member.

You need intervention support for your family, school or organization

You have a youth showing violent behavior

There was an incident that you feel R.I.S.E Network can help with


R.I.S.E network will implement a Call To Action. We meet as a network,

discuss the situation and find the best solution for the situation.

R.I.S.E network will assign a partner that best fits your unique request.

Depending on the situation, we will create a Plan of Action.

Social Activism – If the situation warrants public attention, R.I.S.E.

network will spearhead a public, community supported campaign.


Your R.I.S.E Network will utilize the network to provide programming,

support and resources for the individuals involved in hopes to: REDUCE


There is strength in numbers. A collaboration of many entities working

together to combat violence is a powerful force. Together we are able to

offer support in the following areas: Systems Navigation, Re-Entry Programs, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Employment Opportunities,

Education Opportunities, Mental Health, Mentoring, Youth Sports and Healthy Activities, Youth Development, Parenting Classes, Fatherhood Support, Pregnancy Support, Family Planning / Counseling and Domestic Violence Support.

Rise Network Partners

Prevention: Steps to Success, Boys & Girls Clubs, Denver Parks and Recreation,ntervention: Gang Reduction Initiatives of Denver, Denver Police Department,Denver Juvenile Probation, Families Against Violent Acts, Struggle of Love Foundation

Education: Denver Public Schools, Project P.E.A.C.E, Spin Enterprises, Project Proud Fatherhood Out Inheritance LLC

Resource Support: Families Forward Resource Center, District 11 City Council:Stacie Gilmore, District 8 City Council: Christopher Herndon

Faith/Spirituality: My Brother’s Keeper, Now Faith Christian


By providing community based intervention support for youth and young adults affiliated with at-risk of being involved in gang violence, we will reduce the amount of youth that get caught in the system and give them a fighting chance at life. Utilize the network, we are here for the community.

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