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Rashaan Salaam

Heisman Trophy Winner

The SPIN Foundation was founded in December of 2003.The founder, R. Robert Hawkins is a former college and NFL football player. The Foundation in partnership with Rashaan Salaam, Heisman Trophy Winner & University of Colorado, star Football are teaming up to address issues around violence, racial divisions, poverty, academic achievements the SPIN Foundation’s mission is to provide support and programs with other community-wide agencies to improve outcomes for all students, their families,and build community resources that are devoted to developing comprehensive and integrated approaches to address barriers and fears that are prevalent in our communities.

“Let’s Have A Community – highlighting self expression and diversity” is five days of skiing for the Youth and Officers, provided by the Aspen Ski Corporation, during the day, with work- shops, using the character education curriculum Street Cred, in the afternoon dealing with attitudes, perceptions and ideas for future relationship building once youth and officers return to their communities. A way to bring both parties out of the neighborhoods and into the mountains; providing a fun and awe-inspiring environment for building a better understanding.

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Mission of the SPIN (Supporting People In Need) Foundation is to expand and enhance educational and career opportunities by empowering children and adolescents

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